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Kate Marie – The Sexy Girl-Next-Door

The Hot Girl-Next-Door

The Hawt Girl-Next-Door

Kate Marie is that hawt SCORE Girl-next-door. The girl walking to class across the campus lawn. The goddess working part-time in customer service. The cutie from the hair salon. Your tank-top wearing server at one of the “breastaurants” you go to for lunch with your co-workers. They’re in a special class by themselves.

How should a boy touch Kate Marie’s big, natural wobblers if this stud can have to 1st base? Kate says gently.

“Well, whenever u caress a headmistress, you don’t caress her from the top. That is not comfortable. U don’t grab ’em from the front and squeeze ’em. U should come from the side and cosset there and knead ’em adore dough. From the side and under and push ’em together and kneading but not love stress-balling. It is not a stress ball! Do not do that.”

And what else is good to do?

“Biting. Licking with tongue. Mouthing. A little tongue play around the areola. That is usually beautiful sensational.”

Beautiful sensational, just like Kate Marie.

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