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Call of the Booty

Call of the Arse

Call of the Booty

Fat gal Bri Like has been envisaging all day for this. Reclining on a bed, Bri asks Rocky for his aid in breaking her anal cherry. Her voice is downy and gentle. A demure goddess, Bri urges Rocky to go where no guy has gone previous to. In her virgin anus.

Rocky slides over and talks to Bri whilst this gent massages her wet crack and then her bigger than typical mangos. Big breasts? More love HUMONGOUS melons. Squishy, soft and warm. Astounding zeppelins that deserve to be jizzed on as much as possible.

Rocky sucks on Bri’s areolas. Bri savors the tingle of his tongue. He strips Bri and bends her over to slap her wazoo. This gent fingers her doggy style. She’s up for everything he urges.

Bri kneels previous to Rocky and takes his thick meat-thermometer in her mouth. Jacking the shaft with one hand, that babe sucks him rock hard. Rocky has Bri lean back on the sofa so he can screw her face hole whilst that babe squeezes her humongous love melons.

Rocky has Bri lie on the ottoman so that Lothario can straddle her chest and bonk her pointer sisters. That babe squeezes them jointly to make a warm, squishy tit-pussy for his weenie. When his cock reaches her face, he tells Bri to engulf on the tip.

Rocky could screw Bri’s mambos for Twenty minutes if her twat did not need the attention likewise. This chab slips without Bri’s huge breast-flesh and slips into her snatch, banging it with increasing vigour.

And then it’s time to open Bri’s butt and have the pleasure of taking her anal cherry.

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U Banged Nikki?

U Tag-teamed Nikki?

U Group fucked Nikki?

Big-boobed Nikki Smith acquires a bigger than average wang adventure with Pike in a point-of-view, you-the-man copulate and suck session called “U Group banged Nikki?” U get tons of direct eye-contact and no guy-face in the picture. It got very luscious and indecent for Nikki.

Nikki acquires all the dick this babe can engulf and tit-fuck, and then this babe widens her legs and has her twat stretched and filled. Then that babe sticks out her lengthy, sexy tongue for her reward of man-syrup. Nikki likes a take-charge lad to lead her in a dirty dance, and doing hardcore scenes at XL Cuties was the perfect way to get no-strings-attached erection and a large load of spunk.

“Nothing satisfies me more astonishing than a real cock screwing me. As much as I bigger in size than average O from toys and masturbation, I always urge the large schlong and I adore it when a guy controls me since I’ve a tractable nature when it comes to bucks.”

The digi camera definitely brought out the man-pleaser in Nikki Smith.

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The Cleavage Close Business Technique

The Cleavage Close Business Technique

The Cleavage Close Business Technique

“One of my monumental frustrations in the corporate world is that it is unyielding to costume professionally when you’ve large billibongs,” real-life businesswoman Scarlett said us in a face-to-face.

“Even if I’m wearing smth that isn’t low-cut, I am conscious about my meatballs. And it is so tough to shop for garments that look skillful but aren’t dowdy. Like, if I just wear a big, ol’ shirt to cover my love muffins, I just look fat, like I’ve no figure.

“Before I did consulting, I was a sales woman, selling time shares. My wobblers nearly got me in a predicament! I was sitting at a table, telling this pair about the resort, and when I’m sitting at a table, my boobs are up on the table! I realized the boyfriend was staring at me and his wife kept staring at him.

“They didn’t buy, and my manager took me aside and said me, ‘You cant do the Cleavage Close when there is a wife around.’ I didn’t have a clue as to what this guy meant by ‘the breast valley close!’ Apparently, you can solely show your boobs if your customer is a single lad. It doesn’t work if the wife is there ‘coz she’ll get pissed off! But with a single dude, well, then it can work to your advantage.”

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Double Down

Double Down

Double Down

Cami Cooper talked about a two-man 3some that babe had at home in advance of that babe did this XL Beauties trio with JMac and Peter.

“My foremost friend set it up,” told Cami. Her mountainous breasts are barely covered by her dress. The kind of costume that babe wouldn’t wear outside. And we’re talking rogering giant scones. “He had found the second fellow and we set it up in his office on a weekend. We did it on the conference table and on the daybed. It was quite enjoyment.”

Cami doubles down, this time with JMac and Peter. With one knob in her throat and one in her slit at all times, Cami can barely catch her breath. 2 fellows at the same time pumping away is one of her bigger than standard sex dreams and this babe receives to live out her ribald fantasy with their assistance and thrusting meat-missiles.

“I have sex maybe 3 times a week at home but not with boyz who do porn,” told plumper mamma Cami. No one who sees Cami out and about would think this babe does XXX. They’d watch a golden-haired MILF with biggest jugs. “I love bigger than typical, thick dongs.” Cami got what this babe loves in this scene.

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Curvy & Thick

Buxom & Thick

Curvy & Thick

Raquel Grant can’t live without to go out to dance with her girlfriends so they can practice their moves. Her favorites are Latin love samba and formal slow exotic dancing. That babe too can’t live with out old-school disco lap dancing adore the Hustle.

Slow close exotic dancing is a great way to feel a girl’s titties against your chest. That is why we wholeheartedly recommend u bucks go to dances.

Although Raquel says she goes to undress clubs to dance, not to be picked up for sex love a piece of meat, this babe might give out her email to the right boys. Nurses, especially nurses with larger than typical titties, are good marriage material ‘cuz they can take great care of u when you’re healthy and virile and later when you are likewise aged and screwed up to do ram yourself.

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Nila Goes To The Gym

Nila Goes To The Health Exotic dancing club

Nila Goes To The Gym

Nila Mason goes to the Fitness Centre, and naturally the one boy there eyes her up and down just now, checking out her big mounds, sexy body and charming face. The total package, she’s got the power.

Michael is one of these Fitness Centre dudes who goes commando and when Nila gets on a floor roller and this gent gets on a bench to lift weights, that babe sees his salami dangling with out his shorts. Nila forgets her workout and reaches out for it, taking it in hand. This is truly very dangerous. More bucks have dropped weight bars on their necks because of hot angels grabbing their dongs at the Fitness Centre than is reported in the news.

Nila forgets about her workout and so does Michael. This babe takes his dick in her throat and gives him an blow job workout that’s a lot more nice than the one he went to the Health Club for. Next, Nila does some chest exercises, wedging his ding-dong between her enormous marangos and rubbing it up and down. Floor work is next. They acquire on the mat and initiate their pumping, bumping and humping erotic calisthenics. The membership to this Health Club is worth each cent.

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Tits & Ass Kitchen

Fun bags & A-hole Kitchen

Tits & Gazoo Kitchen

Jelena Jasper‘s titanic, veiny wobblers are capped by pancake-sized dark areolas. Besides undressed modeling, Jelena is also a writer. That babe likes books, music, art and plan to the theater. This babe likes British stage productions.

“Writing is the unsurpassable way I know to express my feelings,” said Jelena, a Ukrainian in the England. “My 1st job in my life was as a waitress in a cafe. I’m glad to be a glamour model and write on my free days. I write poetry, reviews and short stories. I try to write in English.” Jelena has the rare distinction of posing with Merilyn Sakova. Those astounding shoots may be viewed at

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Busty Neighbor Fucking

Breasty Neighbor Screwing

Busty Neighbour Fucking

The bodaciously athletic Reyna Mae assents to have a gulp with wonderful neighbour Tony. This babe was plan to go out by herself coz her hubby isn’t around but then that babe bumped into him right outdoors her door. Coincidence? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Tony’s had his eye on shapely Reyna Mae and her bigger in size than standard juggs and would love to stick his face and other body parts between those hefty jugs. Now this chab is got his foot in the door.

Their conversation centers around her spouse. Tony changes the miniature talk to the much better subject of her bazookas, a subject Reyna Mae loves to chat about, likewise. This babe looks quietly game for some enjoyment, and previous to lengthy, Tony’s gonna acquire it on works out nicely.

This chab fingers her hairless pussy and enjoys her enormous hangers, his face sinking into her cushioned, pliant breast-flesh. Reyna Mae bookmarks his wang between her whoppers and then takes it by the hand so that babe can engulf on it like a sweetmeat. It is a screwing sexy afternoon and even hotter on Reyna Mae’s sofa as they pump and hump.

XLGirls: Do you ever go to topless beaches or adult resorts?

Reyna Mae: I was topless on a beach one time but haven’t been to a bare beach or adult resort yet. I have been to swinger clubs’ pool parties that are in nature’s garb. Does that count? I would love to go to a tropical exposed resort though!

XLGirls: What makes your teats subrigid, alone and with a hubby?

Reyna Mae: Touching or licking with tongue ’em. They are very sensitive so a gentle touch is more wonderful.

XLGirls: Where was the almost any weird place you had sex?

Reyna Mae: Probably the almost any unconventional was on a sail boat.

XLGirls: During the breaks between a photo-shoot and the movie version, what do u generally do?

Reyna Mae: The makeup artist touches-up my hair and makeup. I check emails on my phone and take Snapchats for fans.

XLGirls: What do you wanna try sexually that u haven’t done yet?

Reyna Mae: An all-girl scene with at least four chicks. That sounds love heaven!

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