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Mad For Plaid: Special From

Crazy For Plaid: Particular From

Mad For Plaid: Specific From

Kelly Kay was first spotted by Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

“I always used to see models in magazines and papers and think I should give it a try,” Liverpool’s Kelly Kay said in an interview with The Sun newspaper.

Kelly is one of the very scarcely any adult models to pose with her Mommy. That babe and her mum, Jane, always traveled jointly to the London studio.

“Mum would always come to shoots with me to make sure nothing sleazy went on. The photographer was always telling her what a great body that babe had, and one day, after months of persuasion, that babe acquiesced to pose with me.

This babe wasn’t nervous on the way to her 1st shoot. I had been doing topless modelling and making films for about six months but still was not as relaxed as she was. It all seemed to come very naturally to her. I suppose Mum has a great body and I thought it would boost her confidence. I was glad that babe was coming along as I knew we would have a giggle together.”

Mama Jane offered her thoughts about one-time glamour modeling for The SCORE Group. That babe was 46 years mature at the time. Kelly was Eighteen.

“I wanted to make sure the pictorial wasn’t pervy, and it wasn’t. Everybody was really good, especially the photographer. He was very complimentary about my looks and figure and straight away asked me if I’d be interested in joining in. At 1st, I thought there was no way I would do it, but after a miniature in number weeks of going along it all became normal. I suppose I just got wrapped up in the complete thing. I was used to seeing Kelly pout at the digital camera and thought she looked great.”

Numerous years later, Kelly and Jane, fully dressed, appeared on the Brit TV game expose Deal Or No Deal and won £50,000.

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Annabelle Rogers & The Cock-Bot

Annabelle Rogers & The Cock-Bot

Annabelle Rogers & The Cock-Bot

Annabelle Rogers is the adventuresome sort of angel who takes full advantage of modern technology. The former au pair has more talents than just speaking German and having a great sense of humor. She unveils off those special talents in her movies and pics.

“I adore watching porn and just caressing my love button,” said Annabelle. In this particular photo-shoot, Annabelle tries out a screw machine between her titanic naturals and in her pink slit.

“I’ve been drilled with a strap-on by another gal and with a banana. I have a massive coercive sex dream. I am more passive than confident. I adore having my wobblers sucked and getting fingered, then tasting my cum-hole juices on their fingers. Putting my legs over my partner’s shoulders and feeling his dick go unfathomable into me drives me kooky.”

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The Pool Party

The Pool Party

The Pool Party

Anastasia Lux is early and has to await until swimming pool guy Steve finishes his work before she can go for a dip. Steve eyes Anastasia’s greater than typical balcony and her ripe, downy body and gracious face. That babe asks him if she can sit and wait. That’s precious with Steve. That skirt chaser desires to go for a dip also but not in the pool. This is every pool maintenance man’s fantasy. Keep in mind that in the magical world of porn-sex, this always happens to the pool woman chaser. So do not get into the business expecting this will happen. Not that it can not.

Anastasia wishes to study how this chab maintains the pool so this babe can do it at home. Steve lets her handle the pool pole but Anastasia indeed wishes to handle his pole and her gestures and eye contact let Steve know he’s in for the greatest pool party a skirt chaser could acquire.

“I like to see my scenes,” says sexy Anastasia, an all-natural, voluptuously-endowed superbabe. “It turns me on and I always like to keep a admirable memory of ’em plus I learn from them, also, to do it even better next time. I love most of all to look at my scenes alone although I hear comments all the time from close allies and I also read the feedback that the members of SCORELAND post on the web page comment boards.”

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Earning Her Stripes: Special from

Earning Her Stripes: Specific from

Earning Her Stripes: Peculiar from

Sometimes the studio likes how an outfit looks on a glamour model that they buy it some other time and ask one more cutie to adult model it. Such is the case with this dark-skinned and white striped two-piece with fishnets that Karina Hart is busting with out in this movie scene and the accompanying photos.

This brand of top was first worn at SCORE by German adult model Annina. Now, obviously, after Annina’s tits were finished stretching the top to pieces, we had to buy a recent one for Karina. Karina and Annina have entirely different bodies but they one as well as the other wore this outfit very well.

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Oily Busty Bunny

Oily Big busted Bunny

Oily Big-Boob Bunny

Luna Bunny is hot and that babe knows it. Lad, does that babe know it. Her fuck partners Codi Vore, JMac and Brad Hart got to explore every luscious inch of Luna. Her three-way with Codi and Dustin was hot and naughty. Luna can’t live without cookie too.

“I’m lascivious all the time. I adore giving blow jobs to boyz with bigger than run of the mill cocks. I drool all over them. I love to drink. Why waste all that cum?”

Luna oils down after peeling off her swimsuit, then opens and finger-bangs her tight hole. The movie scene version has slow motion of Luna’s swinging, shaking, oily breasts. “I feel I’m blessed with my love melons,” said Luna. And she’s.

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The Working Man’s Ultimate Fantasy

The Working Man’s Utmost Dream

The Working Man's Topmost Fantasy

“The Working Man’s Preeminent Fantasy” or how I gotta bonk Sandra Star during the time that screwing in a light bulb. Dellon may be Mr. Electrician but it’s Sandra who sets off the sparks and has the force. Called over to Sandra’s place to fix a lamp, this electrician receives shocked by the sight of alluring, Big-Boob Sandra and her jaw-dropping figure.

Work done, Mr. Electrician receives called over by Sandra and invited to share sofa space with her. That babe drops her costume and flaunts him what she’s got, not quite shorting out his circuitry. This Lothario is more jolted than if that dude had stuck his screwdriver in a live outlet. More sparks fly when Sandra invites him to screw her right there on the daybed.

After playing with her big fullsome funbags and getting the fun of a Sandra Star mouthing, that petticoat chaser licks her out and receives pussy-drunk on her muff juices. He’s on the company clock but Sandra’s got his meat-thermometer as rock hard as a rock. That babe wants the bigger in size than standard smooth operator now. It paid off to go to trade school instead of a liberal arts high school.

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Sex At The SCORE Office

Sex At The SCORE Office

Sex At The SCORE Office

“I adore to have sex as often as I can,” Contessa Rose said. “Usually, it is two-to-six times a week. I like sex that goes from squishy and sensual to hot and enormous, all in one session. I too love sex with vixens. I love ’em.”

“I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and being observed makes me lascivious. People may think having sex in a clip is not public sex but it really is, even if it’s not in front of actual people.”

Looking at her peaches ‘n’ semen complexion and all-around glamorous cutie looks, it would be difficult to guess that Contessa is a mistress.

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Blue Movie: Business Is Bangin’ For Busty Boss Shannon Blue

Blue Movie: Business Is Bangin’ For Big-Boob Boss Shannon Blue

Blue Movie: Business Is Bangin' For Breasty Boss Shannon Blue

The daily routine of a businesswoman sporting astronomical marangos is a demanding one. The first thing on Miss Shannon Blue‘s agenda is to acquire rogered in her office by her hung employee Tom. This stud exposes up for their meeting to discuss “figures,” but there’s solely one set of figures that counts: his busty boss’s bust, waist and hips. Shannon doesn’t need him to do her books. She needs him to do her tits.

Shannon wastes no fine company time in taking Tom’s jock in her throat and sucking him inflexible. They move to Shannon’s cozy daybed where that babe and Tom continue their business collision. Shannon’s PA is used to hearing wild screams coming from her office when Tom is collision with her. She knows her boss doesn’t like to receive bad news about the company’s balance sheet.

“What I do now is the finest,” said Shannon, a divorced English MILF who did a total lifestyle change. “I want I had done this sooner.”

Now Shannon has the massive meatballs this babe wanted (and still desires to go greater), and she’s unleashed her horny, high-powered carnal side on-camera, going as sexy as this babe urges to with big-cock guys.

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