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Bahama Beauty

Bahama Stunner

Bahama Beauty

The prettiest and bustiest sailor in the Royal Welsh Navy (at least in daydreams), Lorna Morgan was originally a television and movie scene casting agent. Then her career changed.

‘My agent, who’s a friend of mine, suggested I have a go. But that babe was not an agent for modeling so that babe gave me the phone number of an agency in London and I went to London with a pair of snapshots of me, just topless.

“And, when I got there, they just asked me to do numerous shots and they signed me up straight away. And, within about two weeks, I had this pictorial with a photographer in London. And that was just so much joy. I actually enjoyed it. But I didn’t continue undressed modeling for very lengthy. I solely modeled for a pair of months, and then I avoided. I prevented for about two years then I started back up one time more.”

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Wanted! More SCORE WILFs Like Jayden Prescott

Wanted! More SCORE WILFs Adore Jayden Prescott

Wanted! More SCORE WILFs Love Jayden Prescott

Not tons of readers would ask their wives or girlfriends if she would love to be in a men’s mag.

Jayden Prescott and her hubby saw the classified ad in and this petticoat chaser encouraged Jayden to give it a chance.

Over the years, there have been some, but not many, adult models whose husbands let them do a boy-girl XXX scene with a stranger whilst this chab stayed home and worked. Kelly Christiansen. Shelby Gibson. It is still uncommon. Keep in mind that Jayden had not at any time modeled or even danced previous to this babe came to SCORE.

Jayden proves how great and accomplished she’s at sex with unfathomable throating, flexible banging poses and deep anal. This playgirl has a fortunate spouse at home.

“It’s simple to do something u love,” Jayden told. “When I was Twenty, if you’d said me I would do this, I would’ve said you were barmy. But I like it. It’s so much joy! My hubby has been a browser since 1993, and his dream was for me to be in the magazine and on SCORELAND.”

His own personal SCORE centerfold. Worthwhile things can happen to those who dare to fantasy big.

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Boob Poppin’ With Annabelle Rogers

Boob Poppin’ With Annabelle Rogers

Boob Poppin' With Annabelle Rogers

Annabelle Rogers told this babe always felt empowered and hawt because of her breasts, not ashamed. That babe would by no means hide her ta-tas.

“There were a lot of big boobed girls in my school, but I was known for my bigger than average mellons,” Annabelle said. “We called it The Big-Titty Committee in college, and then there was the Itty-Bitty Committee with the little angels. I have no idea exactly how many beauties were in the Big-Titty Committee but I was in it. I was kinda the head of the committee. I think I showed them off the almost any. There were always bucks trying to look down my cleavage on the staircases.”

That leads our breast-obsessed minds to wonder if any male teachers were likewise staircase loiterers.

“When I was a senior in college, I was voted biggest flirt, and some of my allies said me that in the girls’ locker room, I was the one who was always known to be exposed. Almost any girls would acquire dressed and try to hide themselves with a towel, but I was always walking around exposed.

“I didn’t have likewise many creepy teachers in high-school. I did have one creepy gym teacher. This chab would make us do yoga, an all-girls yoga class, and that gent would just sit down in the back of the room tapping on his tablet, so there was a rumor that he was filming us doing yoga. I do not know if that was true.”

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Sensual Showering

Fleshly Showering

Sensual Showering

Fleshly Jane is a very sexy woman, like plenty of Europeans, and that babe effortlessly transmits that to the digi camera,” our photographer Jose remembers. He was on a road voyage in the Czechia and Jane acquiesced to travel there from Romania for a few shoots.

“‘I love a worthy, rock hard fucking when I am very lustful and a good, slow one with snatch licking with tongue and much teasing when I don’t wanna cum very fast,’ Jane said me in a conversation I recorded. Whenever I photograph a foreign glamour model, I always try to learn some words and phrases in their language and that is what I did with Jane.”

“If on a certain day, I am very wanton, I love to cum unbending and fast,” Jane said.

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Kitana’s Big-Boobed Lingerie Bang

Kitana’s Big-Boobed Underware A team fuck

Kitana's Big-Boobed Underware Bang

Kitana Flores tries on a fresh, sexy two-piece that’s consummate for her stacked and skinny bod. That babe can drive any lad batty, and that is what happens here.

“I can be very confident when I’m randy or see a boy I love,” Kitana said. “I nearly always make the first move. If I am interested in you and I can tell you’re interested in me, you’ll know it. Then you’ll watch my wild side. I won’t waste time. I mean, it could take hours in advance of a boy makes a decision to make a move, and tons of chaps are afraid to, so I’ll do it for ’em. I’m not the kind of goddess who thinks dudes need to bow at my feet. Besides, I do not adore lame pickup lines, so I take the pressure off the stud.”

Some beauties have pet names for their fun bags and/or snatch. Kitana has a scarcely any names for her snatch.

“I call my twat ‘princess’ or ‘cookie’. ‘I want to eat your vagina.’ Or cosita. That’s a Spanish word. It means ‘that little thing.’ Or ‘pinkie.'”

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Natasha Sweet’s Big Tit Training

Natasha Sweet’s Bigger in size than standard Tit Training

Natasha Sweet's Larger than run of the mill Tit Training

It is workout time for the extraordinarily stacked Natasha Enjoyable. Natasha’s personal coach Corporalist has the sultry, hot Euro-babe jog on a treadmill whilst this chab charts how Natasha’s bodacious tits bounce and bob. Personal training takes on a particular meaning with Natasha. When that part is wrapped, that woman chaser stretches out Natasha, having her tell lies on the floor legs pointing at the ceiling so this dude can hold her by the ankles and pull her legs apart to stretch her inward haunches.

Natasha wears no panties below her workout petticoat and that gives Dom an eyeful of the Lovely vagina. Natasha would adore a little more of that internal thigh stretching, but 1st things first. Natasha sees that Dom is subrigid at work during their training sessions.

Sat on a nearby sofa, Miss Fascinating makes a decision to watch just how inflexible Taskmaster is, and being assured, she pulls down his shorts. Natasha appreciates a man’s unflagging attention to her and runs her tongue over his flagpole, then pops it in her mouth and sucks unbending, her heavy scones resting on her haunches.

The topmost weenie worshiper, Natasha buries his rod between her unfathomable breast valley. She receives on her back so he can straddle and tit-fuck her. After sucking some more, Natasha gets on her knees and elbows so Slavemaster can stretch her booty cheeks apart and screw her doggy style. Her mangos squish against the daybed and her nipps harden as his thrusts into her slit make her hotter for more. Their sexercise routine even includes the internal thigh-stretching pile driver pose, a position that Natasha handles with the highest of ease.

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A Big Load For A Busty Lap Dancer

A Bigger than average Load For A Big-Boob Gogo dancer

A Big Load For A Busty Lap Dancer

Alyssa Lynn went from being a big breasted lap and pole dancer (vital contributors to the growth of the American and British economies) to a Big-Boob adult star, and SCORE was glad to help Alyssa accomplish her dreams.

JMac gives Alyssa a different kind of pole to slip on. How did that go?

“I was a little nervous, but I handled him. Porn sex is a little different than regular sex ‘cuz you are constantly taking breaks but it’s intensive and that is how I love fucking off-camera. What I do on-camera is what I like. I am mostly having porn sex right now cuz I don’t have a husband at the moment.”

“I love being more unrepining, but then some other time, I sometimes love being more aggressive. I love being choked a little bit. That is something I identified about myself in porn. I was adore, ‘Wow, I like that!’ I don’t crave my face to turn red, but just a little. I am not sure what I love about it. I have no idea. I can not figure it out. Do I wish to figure it out? But I like it. I am trying gagging. I like it, but I am getting used to it.

“JMac endevoured to make me gag on his pecker a little bit. I was adore, ‘Whoa!’ I was going a little mad on it. His meat-thermometer is so fucking large and I was gagging myself. I adore that. I’ll take porn as far as I can. I didn’t acquire into this just to get into this. I’m in this for the lengthy haul. And I enjoy it. I suppose you must. If you do not have enjoyment it, fans are going to know.”

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Attack of the Mamazons

Attack of the Mamazons

Attack of the Mamazons

In the style of the cliffhanging serials of the 1940s, with the addition of six pairs of very big whoppers and a lot of hardcore sex, Mamazon is the story of a lost tribe of sweethearts in a forgotten jungle.

Four Indiana Jones wanna-bees trek through this mysterious country in try to find of a mythical stone that has the legendary vigour to cause phenomenal breast growth. They detect that the legend is all too true when they stumble across this tribe of youthful, hawt, very Big-Boob babes who live out of guys.

The Mamazons are led by their cruel Queen, Alexis Silver, who was abandoned in the jungle by her English family. She now rules this slight band of shapely cuties. Her serf beauty is Shyla Coyness. The witch doctor of the tribe is Daylene Rio. Alia Janine and Rachel Love are guards, and Kali West is the tribe’s ingenue.

The fellows desire the stone idol for the wealth they think it can bring if its force can be commercialized. Their boss, Doctor Jacobs, claims to be a researcher but that chap may not be what this lady-killer pretends to be. The dudes are quickly captured by the angels and imprisoned. But the honey bunnys are curious about sex.

Each of them will learn the way of the dick in wild shag encounters, including the Queen and her thrall. The strangers have to survive fucking the Mamazons or their fate at the hands of those primal strumpets might be a grim one.

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