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Barbi Banks – Like daughter, like mother

Like daughter, love Mother

Like daughter, love mother

Want to hear a wonderful story? Okay, we’ll tell u one. You’re gonna love it.
Back in late August, a big-boobed hotty named Nikki Smith visited our studio to discharge some pictures and movies for and Now, Nikki is a cute, bubbly 24-year-old with H-cup marangos. She’s a former cheerleader who is seemingly always smiling. For her 1st visit to our studio, this babe was not sure how far that babe wanted to go, but she enjoyed herself so much that she returned just three weeks later to engulf and screw a real strapon on-camera.

Ok, end of story, right? Well, not correct.

‘coz Nikki went home to Sacramento, California and what did that babe do?

This babe said her Mother about what this babe had done!

And did her Mamma say, “Oh, Nikki, how could u?” or “Nikki, you are such a little bimbo. I thought I raised u better”?

No. What her Mommy told was, “How can I acquire some of that act?”

And Nikki told, “Why don’t you give them a call?”

Which is what Nikki’s Mama did. She too sent us some test shots.

We’re sure you’ve guessed by now that Nikki’s Mommy is none other than the female you’re about to see. Her name is Barbi. She’s a 48-year-old divorcee who says, “My daughter is wild. That babe receives it from me.”

Now isn’t that a worthy story? And what makes it even more amazing is that, from what we can tell, Barbi is even wilder than her daughter. ‘cuz Barbi did not await previous to that babe drilled on-camera. She did it the 1st time she visited our studio.

And here she’s!

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Bibette Blanche – Racy in Red

Racy in Red

Racy in Red

Sultry Bibette Blanche is wearing brand-new red shoes and frilly red lingerie that she’s intend to lazily strip off while you watch with your shlong in your hand. She desires her legs caressed and feet massaged. Are u going to worship her soles and her tight calves? Are u the candidate for the job? Observe as that babe cuddles her toned and constricted gams and then takes off her crimson stiletto sandals, giving u a footsie display. Then her volunteer, an tractable bondman who knows how to rub her legs and feet puts lotion on her exhausted peds, squeezing them and massaging ’em whilst she plays with herself. This smooth operator rubs down her haunches while that babe fingers her gash and then this ladies man works over her gazoo and hamstrings while this babe writhes in ecstasy, humping her fingers until this babe cums. Everyone knows that maturer women are ripe and ready for leg play, so what are you expecting for? Expose Bibette how much you love her.

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Jayden Moore – Principal’s Punishment

Principal’s Castigation

Principal's Punishment

Jayden thought this was just gonna be a quickie before class.

Every naughty legal age teenager goddess knows the thrill of hooking up in the school bath. It is risky. It’s wreckless. It’s so rogering sexy. How could Jayden resist? That babe was lewd, that Lothario was concupiscent and the bathrooms were empty. “I was so excited to get it on in the washroom. I’ve solely had sex a not many times so doing smth like this was super kinky for me, and I couldn’t await to tell my friends about it after. This chab started caressing my pussy and sucking my juggs. I sucked his rock hard penis. We were getting hot and enormous and it was going so well until she walked in….”

Caught with their trousers down! Ouch. They should’ve been more careful!

Common sense tells you that if you’re gonna do some risky business like fool around in the bath at school, u at least enter the stall and close the door. But Jayden and her fuck-buddy were so caught up in the heat of the moment that they got it on in the middle of the baths. Imagine the principal’s surprise when she strolled in. Taking them back to her office, that babe was shocked not at their behavior, but at the amount of juice running out of her old twat.

Getting in bother wasn’t at any time so much pleasure.

“I was sure we were toast! My knees were shaking as we did the walk of shame back to Ms. Giancarlo’s office. Detention, suspension, expulsion…I was thinking the worst! I knew I had to do something to save us from getting in a predicament. I was still lewd, so I hinted to Ms. G that maybe all my friend and I needed was a sex lesson.”

The principal reverts back to her role as a teacher.

“She took the bait! I knew it was a risky move to make, but at that point what did I need to lose? I am 18 furthermore! Still, I was shocked that she went along with it. I always thought Ms. Giancarlo was a Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK but I not at any time thought I would end up in a three-way with her! This babe seemed so strict and uptight. But when she’s excited that babe can really let loose! I wanted to learn from her so that one day I could be as valuable at sex as this babe is. During the time that my friend was screwing me I told Ms. G that I wanted to take up with the tongue her cum-hole. It tasted so valuable. And she licked mine way more wondrous than any woman chaser. Lothario, that babe really knew what this babe was doing!”

Jayden didn’t know whether she got more fun from her friend’s rod or her principal’s accustomed tongue.

The excited 18-year-old had been cursing herself from the pont of time she got caught untill the moment Ms. G’s office door closed behind her. Now, she’s cheerful that this babe was so flirty. For one time, being bad paid off. Jayden did not just cum once from getting screwed like majority girls her age do. She came afresh, but by the mouth of a aged angel who knows how to work a snatch. “I came from getting fucked and I came from getting eaten out by Ms. G. After that, I had to chill out. I sitting back and observed as Ms. G rode my friend’s penis. The display she was putting on for me was so hawt that I just had to touch my pussy and cum some other time. And I do not know how the hell my friend lasted that lengthy! He had this hot, older female and a cute, juvenile goddess all over his 10-Pounder and he didn’t blow his cum till the end. Even Ms. G was impressed, and you know this babe is observed a lot in her day. We felt love we owed it to the lad to let him blow a load all over both of our milk shakes.”

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Jayden James – “Oh, wow!”

“Oh, wow!”

Lives: Boca Raton, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 20; Born: December 12; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Merely panties; Anal: Not tried it; BJs: Like the smack of jizz; Diddle: 2-3 nights a week.

“Since I 1st had sex, I have wondered what it would be love to be drilled by a boy with a larger than ordinary dick,” Jayden told. “And I have wondered what it would be love to receive it on with an pro Lothario. I got all of that…and a check as well. Rogering Tony was the highest sex I’ve ever had and possibly ever will. Once we got going, I would not have cared if a bigger in size than average crowd was watching us. It was way more fine than my expectations and fantasizes about it. I came twice! I know that wang size is not supposed to make a difference during sex, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt, either.”

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Cassandra Calogera – Spring Pipe Cleaning

Spring Pipe Cleaning

Spring Pipe Cleaning

A woman’s job is by no means done. Cooking and cleaning…sucking and fucking. Oh, did we just say that? Well it is the truth, and Cassandra Calogera knows it. The female-dom has got a sense of duty. That is why she’s cleaning out her garage even though this babe knows that she’s going to get indecent. This babe knows her jugs are plan to receive hot and sweaty. And that babe knows that holding that broomstick is just going to remind her of a bigger than standard weenie she’d like to tackle. It’s been a while since she’s been drilled decently and she’s beginning to think that the garage isn’t the solely thing that needs cleaning. Her lonely fur pie probably has cobwebs in it by now and that babe needs a big piece of man-beef to clean it out. Well today is her favourable day. That babe is going to get slammed adore not ever before and she’s intend to love each second of it. It would be a crime to let a rack like that and a wet crack that taut go untouched for so long. Once afresh, shlong saves one more damsel in distress.

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Nikki Smith – Nikki’s Guide To Hot Sex

Nikki’s Guide To Sexy Sex

Nikki's Guide To Sexy Sex

45-34-41 Nikki Smith has bigger than run of the mill love bubbles meant for a buck to sink into, as much as possible. Lick Them. Engulf ’em. Copulate Them. Coat Them. She’s a tit-goddess.

Nikki’s Mommy too modeled for us. Her Mother is a 48-year-old blonde sex bomb named Barbi Banks and she’s as hawt as her daughter.

Barbi’s first hardcore discharge is posted at Barbi makes her newsstand magazine debut in 40something (SP 245).

Honestly, I started watching porn,” Nikki says about how she learned to give good head. “The first thing I learned from porn that I was indeed concupiscent about was how to put a fucking-rubber on a rod out of using your hands. So I was indeed pleasured of myself when I mastered that. That was a larger than typical step in my sex abilities.”

Nikki’s oral-job advice for girls: “Definitely take it unfathomable. Gag yourself if u receive to. It’s astounding; they love it. Not too much hand, but a little bit. More so on the balls than the weenie. And savour it. Don’t engulf rod if u do not adore it. It totally ruins it. If u have fun it, they have fun it. If u do not relish it, they do not savour it as much.

What a chick.

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Charlee Chase – My Boob Heaven

My Boob Heaven

My Boob Heaven

Trapped in Boob Heaven, Jean Val Jean returns home after rogering little piece of arse Angie Sward in the Fitness Centre to discover the paramount male dream expecting his enjoyment thank u to his loving wife Charlee Follow. Close chums Charlee and Kitty are chatting on the phone. Kitty tells Charlee that it’s her birthday. She also tells Charlee that she’s sexually excited and needs to cum a hardly any times. Kitty always gets laid on her birthday but she has no spouse at the moment. Sympathetic to her friend’s needs, Charlee tells her that she’ll hook her up with her husband’s ramrod and will drop by later with him. When Jean receives home, he’s beat but Charlee ravishing talks him into going to Kitty’s place where the beauties will treat him like a piece of meat so he can service them the one and the other. 1st they tease him with a scorching hawt angel show whilst this Lothario sits by the sofa and watches ’em purr. He receives worked up watching these 2 breasty sex kittens and joins them so they can work over his aching joint in a three-way fuck-orgy. That woman chaser shags the shit out of ’em, just like they planned! And that is My Boob Heaven, a SCORE Classic! Still in porn, Charlee returned to SCOREVideos lately to shag another dude in The Creamed Vagina of Big-Boob Charlee Search.

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Missy Vega – Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

The superlatively admirable way to relieve anger is to fuck it out of your system. When two lustful dudes happen across Missy in a parking lot, this babe is voided urine as hell that her boyfriend left her stranded. So she figures, what more astounding way to acquire back at him than screwing another strapon? Not solely will that babe be getting even, but this babe too acquires to enjoy recent rod! The thought makes her so randy that this babe plans to screw in a (notably clean) gas station washroom. Once there, she lays all her cards on the table and enthusiastically dives for this guy’s larger than average ramrod. It’s a admirable change from her boyfriend’s tiny 10-Pounder. Fucking that little wang for so lengthy left her extra hungry for something more, and it brandishes as she expertly swallows this newfound meat-thermometer. Her boyfriend’s little wiener too preserved the tightness of her vagina, and this babe can feel every inch of this new meat-thermometer stretching her insides oh so good. Maybe Missy’s husband should void urine her off more often!

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